10 Characteristics of Genius Unrelated to Your IQ

Combine with imagination for greater business success.

Linda M. Lopeke
2 min readMar 6, 2022
Kylie Haulk on Unsplash

Everyone is born with latent or underutilized genius that they can learn to identify and use to accelerate business results with less effort and anxiety. Sadly, many business owners remain unaware of or disconnected from their own genius, but that can be easily changed.

The source of genius that drives business and marketing success is the positive combination of intelligence and imagination.

There are 10 characteristics of genius (unrelated to IQ) you can develop that help you achieve better results. They are:

1 ORIGINAL THINKING: Starting with an open mind uncluttered by conventions and norms.

2 CREATIVE THINKING: Maintaining an openness to exploring and testing all possibilities.

3 ANALYTICAL THINKING: Challenging logic and and committing to working through problems or ideas progressively, rigorously and creatively.

4 OBSERVATIONAL THINKING: Looking for patterns and maintaining a higher state of consciousness and greater awareness of what is going on around you and in the market.

5 DUAL THINKING: Tolerating apparent ambiguities so you can bring together opposites and connect the unconnected.

6 HOLISTIC THINKING: Seeing the bigger picture and understanding that both your business and your marketing are holistic systems that must function harmoniously for the whole to be greater than the sum of the parts.

7 VOLUME THINKING: Looking at many ways to consistently serve your market and regularly reviewing how you can continuously improve your solutions, products, services, delivery, support and relationship building etc.

8 PRAGMATIC THINKING: Finding ways to take ideas and solutions and make them real, practical and useful for your clients and customers.

9 VISUAL THINKING: Expressing your ideas more clearly through illustration, diagrams and analogies to simplify complexity and demonstrate concepts and explain things in ways that make it easier for others to understand.

10 CONVICTION THINKING: Developing the inner strength, belief and confidence in yourself and your business needed to withstand challenges and criticism of bold ideas and new ways of doing things that comes from others so you can stay true to yourself and be far less likely to compromise your values, ideals and actions.

Your business likely grew from a single idea (or collection of ideas) you once had. In reality, most of the marketing you are competing against in selling what you create in a crowded market struggles to combine extreme opportunities and neutralize them (1–1 = 0).

Knowing how to strategically apply your genius in ways more intelligent and imaginative than common traditional marketing models to achieve your business goals and objectives is how you make competition irrelevant.

That is how you join the 1% who succeed brilliantly in business and whose marketing consistently delivers predictable results. And key to building an asset-based business that uses strategic marketing to achieve hustle-free independence through entrepreneurship.