5 Types of Partners to Consider to Reach a Larger, Wider Audience

Lachlan Gowen on Unsplash

Building a marketing partner ecosystem helps you reach a larger, wider audience. The key to success is working only with those well aligned to your brand and core values.

There are five types of partners to consider including in your marketing ecosystem:


People paid a commission to recommend/refer your products and services. There are affiliate networks online where you can find potential partners for your type of product or service.


People or organizations that make you look good. It can be a celebrity endorsement, an industry association, or a prestigious institution.


People or organizations that can assist you in delivering a better service to more people. These partners help perform the work you can’t do on your own.


People or organizations who supply additional products that add value to your business increasing your capacity to deliver value and solve problems for your clients.


These partners provide the financial resources you need to scale your business. They have capital and are looking for safe new places to get a return on investment.

Building a marketing ecosystem takes consistent effort over months and years. Partner relationships have a long lead time for development. Once you know who you want to partner with, you must start building that relationship long before you need to take leverage it.



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Linda M. Lopeke

Linda M. Lopeke

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