How Marketing Creates Value

Igor Ovsyannyko on Unsplash

For your business to have a bright long-term future, you need a series of survivable short-term futures.

How often have you heard the secret to business success is to “create (more) value for your clients/customers?” Often, I’ll bet, but without an explanation of what’s really meant by that, yes?

As a business owner, you must choose the marketing actions to take, focus on strategies and tactics with the greatest influence on value, and improve communication and delivery to attract the right clients!

Marketing validates your business decisions and creates value in three ways:

BUSINESS VALUE: driving short- and long-term growth, greater efficiency, and enhanced productivity

CUSTOMER VALUE: highlighting attitudes and behaviours that impact choosing you over competitors, purchase frequency, and client/customer loyalty

CULTURAL VALUE: supporting shared beliefs that create a better environment in which to do business/influence others

Whether you are marketing to businesses or consumers, with 100+ value drivers to choose from it’s more challenging than you think! You don’t need more marketing; you need smarter, more strategic marketing.

A Marketing Value Heat Map showing only the options relevant to you helps you select the best strategies for driving long-term revenue and profit growth for your business. Make creating one your first step.



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Linda M. Lopeke

Linda M. Lopeke

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