Not Thrilled with the Results of Your Social Media Marketing?

Use these 4 standard business objectives drive effectiveness.

Linda M. Lopeke
1 min readFeb 28, 2022
Rachel Walker on Unsplash

Under-utilizing social media is why most business owners are often frustrated and disappointed in the lack of return for effort expended.

Not thrilled with your own social media marketing results to date?

The key to improving them is NOT creating more content, posting more frequently or in more channels chasing social selling fantasies peddled by faux experts and poo-rus.

Successful social marketing strategically aligns business, marketing and content objectives to achieve sales goals.

Here are the four standard “business objectives” for social marketing to include in your marketing plans:

SOCIAL LISTENING: Deeply understanding client/customer needs and expectations by monitoring and responding to customer service and reputation management issues

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Building visibility by finding and associating with authoritative and influential people/brands and regularly planting seeds and growing relationships

SOCIAL SELLING: Systematically and consistently generating leads and sales from existing clients/customers & prospects

SOCIAL INFLUENCING: Establishing your authority/credibility by creating & sharing valuable content

Are you covering all four bases? If not, how could you be using social marketing more effectively in your business?