Release Your Guilt About Pricing

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Pricing reflects the utility and value of potential benefits provided to your clients and customers. There will always be someone who doesn’t see your value; don’t let it be you!

Know why your price is the right price so you can speak it with confidence.

“Old life” beliefs must go.

We give in to low-price lies when we:

- don’t feel worthy
- don’t recognize the value of our skills/work
- don’t feel qualified, and when we
- worry asking for money changes our relationships.

Selling quality products and services helps your clients and customers move forward. If they can potentially recover 10x the value of what you charged for your product/service, it’s a great return on investment. Charging too little for your work is a disservice to you and to them. Let that guilt go.

If you spend time with your clients and customers, you can never get that time back again. Charge what time is worth to you based on the value you provide to them. This is why you charge by the client, not the job when selling professional services. Let that guilt go.

If your customer values what you offer, don’t devalue it or yourself by giving it away free. People value what they pay for and work hard too. They make the best clients and customers! Let that guilt go.

You can’t pay bills with goodwill. And you can’t do your best work if you’re stressed about where you’ll live and how you’ll eat and provide for yourself and family. Not feeling guilty is how you do that. Respect your clients and customers by respecting yourself and your work. Let that guilt go.



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Linda M. Lopeke

Linda M. Lopeke

Founder. Mentor. Teacher. Student. Philanthropist. Confirmed pasta addict.