Selling Things Does Not Mean You Are in Business

Making money selling things means you are in business.

Linda M. Lopeke
1 min readFeb 18, 2022


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Growing a successful business is a slow process. Rapid results are exceptions. Here’s how to speed up your journey:

First, understand you cannot be in business without embracing selling. Learn how to do it properly and professionally. Selling has nothing to do with persuading. It’s not your job to talk people into things.

Proper selling is about determining a fit between a buyer’s need and a seller’s supply and then facilitating a next step.

To sell is to:

  1. Help the unaware.
  2. Inspire the interested.
  3. Reassure those who have formed intent.

Second, strategic marketing is key to respectful selling. It replaces the art of persuasion and is responsive to the client’s place in the buying cycle. Done well, it does the selling for you.

Subsequently, sales conversations proceed effortlessly and are focused on the logistics of bringing the perfect fit clients you’ve attracted into your business.

In the new world of buying, you are not just a salesperson, you are a change agent who helps people move forward to solve their problems and make the most of their opportunities! Market yourself accordingly.



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