Stop Posting Random Content in Social Media!

It does not drive sales or build profitable relationships with your target audience.

Linda M. Lopeke
2 min readFeb 28, 2022


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Not thrilled with your content marketing results? Posting random content in multiple social media channels unconsciously does not drive sales and build profitable relationships with your target audience. Stop!

This common bad behavior contradicts and dilutes your marketing message, is bad for business, and only wastes your time, effort and money spent producing content.

Content marketing is a long-term investment. It pays off only when all moving parts are well aligned to serve a target audience. And only when messaging is consistent across all marketing channels.

Messaging and content must also be communicated appropriately to meet audience expectations as different social media platforms and delivery methods have unique requirements that must be taken into account.

With market/message fit in place for your selected channels, next look at how you’ve aligned business, content and social media objectives. All must work together to build momentum in the marketing conversation.

Business objectives are met only when you Reach, Activate, Convert and Engage a target audience.

Create/share content that meets your target audience at the stage they’re at in the buyer journey (Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action).

Coordinate social media activities to support specific actions relevant to that stage (Consume, Leads, Sales, Advocacy).

For best results, use social media consciously to attract new customers, amplify and repurpose content, build relationships with prospects and influencers and support customer service.

The effort you put into strategic marketing gets results by design!



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