The 3 Reasons People Buy Courses, Coaching Programs and Services

Understanding your buyer’s motivation to purchase is key to making the sale.

Linda M. Lopeke
2 min readFeb 18, 2022


Rachel Walker on

There are 3 reasons people buy your courses, coaching programs, and professional services: Tylenol, spinach and chocolate.

And before you can create effective marketing for what you sell, you must understand your prospects’ motivation for the purchase.

TYLENOL buyers are in pain. They want a fast-acting remedy to eliminate that pain or at least reduce it significantly. They want to FEEL better.

SPINACH buyers are feeling weak in some aspect of their work or life. They are willing to “eat their greens” to turn their weaknesses into strengths. They want to DO better.

CHOCOLATE buyers are reward seekers. They want the fame and fortune without having to pay the price of actually doing the work. They want to HAVE more.

A well-designed signature solution serves the client Tylenol, spinach AND chocolate. A well-designed marketing campaign does the same, but promotes just one of the three remedies at a time.

Understanding this is how you make effortless sales; your marketing does all the heavy lifting for you! It’s one of the (several) keys to becoming an unbeatable entrepreneur.

You don’t need to struggle with your marketing; you just need to rethink it.



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