The Difference Between Marketing Strategy, Plans and Campaigns

Jon Ly on Unsplash

It’s easy to confuse digital marketing strategy with your marketing plan and campaigns, but they are three different things. Here’s the breakdown:

A digital marketing STRATEGY describes WHY you are taking the actions you plan to invest in.


Your overarching goal might be to generate 25% more leads via social media and 50% more leads from referrals than you had last year.

A digital marketing PLAN describes HOW you plan to achieve desired goals:


- Grow your connections to have more conversations.
- Increase visibility on social media.
- Create a program to reward those referring new clients.

Digital marketing CAMPAIGNS cover WHAT specific actions you’ll take to support your marketing strategies and plans.


- Launch paid ad campaigns around challenges faced by female entrepreneurs leading up to releasing your offer on International Women’s Day.
- Cross-share related content to stimulate engagement.
- Focus outreach on media, podcasts and groups geared to women’s interests.

Having a plan is essential, but developing a strategy should always come first. Never try to fit your strategy around existing plans. Rather, develop your strategy first, then create marketing plans and narrowly focused campaigns around it.



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