The Two Challenges Faced by All Marketers

Cody Davis on Unsplash

To improve your business results by creating more effective marketing, the first thing to look for is message-to-market fit. And the second is how clearly differentiators are presented.

In most cases, when working with clients, I find the fit isn’t there (or isn’t clearly stated) and differentiators are absent, even though they are often the tipping point to sales. So that’s the first thing we work on together.

There are two questions to ask to help make your marketing messages stronger and more effective:

1) Am I giving my perfect people what they want? (This requires knowing your target audience inside and out.)

2) Am I doing it in a way they don’t expect? (This requires deep thinking about your business.)

Once your messaging is dialed in, the next step is validating message-to-platform fit — another common area of disconnection. Checking message alignment across all of your marketing assets typically yields the most need for improvement.

When you’re starting out, it isn’t reasonable to expect yourself to know all the ways you’re tripping yourself up with your marketing. That’s why investing in working with an expert sooner, rather than later, to improve your marketing is a wise decision.

There are no shortcuts to success and there is no substitute for mastery.



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Linda M. Lopeke

Linda M. Lopeke

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