Your Content Matters

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Your content matters. You may not think so as you agonize over a lack of views, zero engagement and this happens with almost every post!

No wonder you ask “Why bother?”

Even with no evidence your content is landing, someone IS seeing it. Every single piece you publish requires thought, care and skill to connect with those you most want to serve.

To succeed in a low-trust world as a marketer or salesperson, you have two choices:

1) Follow the trend and become more manipulative, cynical, distrusting and untrustworthy, or

2) Differentiate yourself being the opposite.

Yes, evidence suggests fear and aggression, coupled with lying, is effective. But you’ll enjoy a stronger competitive advantage creating love- rather than fear-based marketing.

Trustworthiness succeeds by attraction, not by promotion. Behave your way to high trust by speaking the truth and being dependable, open and transparent.

Amplify your trustworthiness by being more trusting.

Share your best thinking. Give your most helpful content away. Act in the best interest of your customers. Then let them talk about you!

Your business lives or dies on how well you build trust by creating the right content. Perfection is not the goal; excellence will be tolerated. The market for excellence is infinite and it’s not crowded there.



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Linda M. Lopeke

Linda M. Lopeke

Founder. Mentor. Teacher. Student. Philanthropist. Confirmed pasta addict.