Congrats to Pamela Slim, SMARTSTART’s 2020 Competi-Peer of the Year Award winner! We love her work and believe you will too!

Pam is an author, community builder, consultant and former corporate director of training and development at Barclays Global Investors. She focused her first decade in business on creating and delivering training programs for large companies such as HP, Charles Schwab, 3Com, Chevron and Cisco Systems.

Since 2005, Pam has advised thousands of entrepreneurs as well as companies serving the small business market such as Infusionsoft, Progressive Insurance and Prezi.

We believe in supporting the great work of others and this is one way we’re living that.

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SMARTSTART’s COMPETI-PEER OF THE YEAR AWARD has left the building this morning! And I can’t wait to share who the winner is for 2020. As soon as it gets to the recipient (who resides in another country) I’ll post the official announcement and full story!

SMARTSTART believes in promoting the great work of others, including those who do the same or similar work as our own programs provide.

The COTY award recognizes other coaches, consultants and experts whose love for their work and…

Sales metrics aren’t the only measure of success.

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Having a daily check-in ritual can help you stay on course even when things get rough.

Every day I see a great many program pitches and product launches purposely designed to sell false hope in my inbox and social feeds. Worse, it’s often those who can least afford it getting caught up in the hype. With devastating results.

But sales metrics aren’t the only measure of success.

Real success brings joy and happiness to your life as well as revenue to your business — if you manage your relationship with it well…

Succeed at home first.

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Looking for ways to keep your family on board with your business journey?

It’s sad to see family relationships sacrificed on the altar of success. When I started my own entrepreneurial journey (1982), the first entry on my personal mission statement was “Succeed at home first.

Every subsequent business decision went through that filter.

Here are the six actions that helped me achieve my mission over the years. You might find them useful too.

1: Share your why.

You started your business for a reason. Likely more than one. Make sure your family and loved ones know what’s driving your entrepreneurial journey.

2: Share your ideas and vision.

Your family…

First rule of holes: If you’re in one, stop digging.

Never the typical girl-child, I’ve been an avid war buff ever since grade school. I really have no idea how it happened; it just is.

In military history you will find many examples of great leaders possessing functional thinking minds. In grade school, girls with functional thinking minds and a strong leadership mentality were viewed more as threats than assets to the mid-century classroom.

I really thought that would have changed by the time my own children went to school. Particularly as I had waited almost 40 years to start a family — plenty of time for revolutionary societal change…

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The 15 factors to consider when you set a price.

Pricing is not a one-size-fits-all exercise.

No matter what pricing model and strategy you choose, there are 15 different factors to consider when you set a price.

If you overlook these factors, the chances are you’ll undercharge your clients and customers. This is a disservice to yourself and them.

While the specifics of what you offer and charge for it will always be unique, there’s a universal framework you can use to come up with the “right price” for your products or services.

Here’s a formula you can use to figure out your right price…

The PRICE Formula

To help you remember the…

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